Freight and logistics

Ablo’s subsidiary, L.O.C. Transport and Logistik AB, is a haulage company that is also responsible for letting storage facilities at Ablo’s premises in Gothenburg. The company is mainly involved in internal freight solutions, but also offers pick-up and other haulage services.

We also accept external haulage assignments

L.O.C. was founded in 2000 by Lars-Olof Cederbom, who, prior to this, had been a lorry driver for 10 years. The company is ADR certified and mainly provides haulage services for Ablo; transporting between buyers, sellers and the stores. The company also accepts external haulage assignments.

In addition, we offer our customers storage facilities to rent at our own premises in Gothenburg. Our motto is Order and Tidiness with Personal Service – give us a call, or send us an email or fax and we are ready to do business!

L.O.C. Transport och Logistik AB

Storås Industrigata 10
424 69 Angered

Telephone: 031-332 52 50
Cell phone: 0707-33 05 17
Fax: 031-332 52 59